Freelance photographer and journalist, Clément documents  humanitarian affairs, human rights, and social conflict in the Middle East. Over the past few years his work has mainly focused on Lebanon where he covered the Beirut Port explosion and the struggle of the families of the victims for justice, as well as the economic crisis.

His work can be found in the Time Magazine, Middle East Eye, Wilson Quarterly among other English speaking media. He also collaborated with Libération, Orient XXI, Reporterre and La Vie among other French media. He also worked with Arab speaking publications including Al Arabiya, Daraj, Al Arabiya Al Jadeed or Al Monitor.

Another side of his work consists in covering various events for NGOs and companies. In this respect, he works regularly with the Samir Kassir Foundation, as well as Sciences Po. He also collaborate with other entities including the Paris Peace Forum, various embassies, and NGOs.

If you would like to collaborate with him, or have any questions about his work, please feel free to contact him using the following form.

Clément Gibon

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